Hello foodies!

As a chef who runs a private dining business . you’d expect me to know a thing or two about food. And yes I do.

 But a a few years ago, before starting the Outsauced Chef journey, I was convinced I was done with professional cooking. Having spent over ten years in commercial kitchens, I felt burnt out. So I decided to give myself a holiday on a remote island.

 But then something happened… the chef who was catering  for a party in the luxury villa next door did a disappearing act. There was a lot of drama and news spread that this high profile family needed a chef.  One thing led to another, and despite my initial hesitation I ended up cooking for that family during their holiday.

All I can say is, I owe that chef a beer.  Taking care of private clients made me fall back in love with cooking. It’s a privilege to cater for the special occasions of people who appreciate the value of good food and service.  

” I want to deliver a great service, to great people, in Greater Manchester! “

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